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Tens of thousands without power in West Virginia

Garrett Tenney reports from Clendenin, WV

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New Study Shows Losing A Pet As Hard As A Family Member

The loss of an animal can have as profound an effect as the death of a human family member. TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has the details of a new study.

Happy Meal Toys are Worth A Fortune!

Now you can make a buck on your meal thanks to communities on the Internet.

Slow Computer?

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The News Goes From Bad To Worse For Donald Trump

After a rough showing abroad, Donald Trump returns home to some bad news.

British Celebrities React To Brexit

The historic UK Brexit decision has garnered many mixed feelings around the world, and especially in Hollywood. Many British stars react to the news that the United Kingdom would be leaving the European union.

Authorities: 1 dead, 4 hurt in Atlanta biker club shooting

Authorities say a 44-year-old man has been killed and four other people were wounded in a weekend shooting near an Atlanta biker club

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Sen. Al Franken Says He'd Accept The Job As Clinton's VP

But Hillary Clinton isn't vetting Franken to be her vice president.

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City Notes: ISO missing alderman

Kyrie Irving will join Team USA for Rio Olympics

Kyrie Irving has accepted an invitation to play for Team USA in the Olympics, ESPN’s Marc Stein reports.

NASA Rover Photo May Prove Aliens Live On Mars

A photo taken from the NASA's Curiosity Rover may show evidence of a small alien race living on the red planet. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).

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Trump's Campaign Chairman Is Planning A Major Staff Shake-Up

Donald Trump's presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort said the organization will have some fresh faces at both the state and national level.

Did 'Leave' campaign mislead voters on numbers?

CNN's Max Foster asks Conservative MP John Redwood about some of the figures promoted as part of the "Leave" campaign's pro-Brexit push.

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