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Clinton email scandal grabs attention of mainstream media

The campaign is plagued by difficult headlines about the Clinton Foundation; Mike Emanuel explains on 'Special Report'

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Top 10 Marvel Graphic Novels

Face front, True Believers: these are the best stories Marvel has to offer. Welcome to and today we're counting down the Top 10 Marvel Graphic Novels.

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Mini Black Holes May Pass Earth Every 1,000 Years

Scientists are saying it's possible mini black holes, as small as the width of a human hair, exist. If they do, it would be a big curve ball for the physics community. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) reports.

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2016's Box Office Flops Haven't Stopped Animated Films From Shining

Three of this year's animated movies cracked the top 10 list for highest-grossing animated films of all time.

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New Evidence Looks Very Bad For Clinton Campaign

Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with Hillary during her time at State Department.

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Here's What Happens When A Syrian Refugee Wants To Come To The U.S.

The rigorous process includes interviews, screenings, security checks and more.

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Bette Midler Apologizes after "Horrible" Cailtyn Jenner Joke

Bette Midler is backtracking after mocking Caitlyn Jenner. Fans did not approve of her inappropriate joke.

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Expert: Low-tech A/C units reducing heat at Louisiana prison

An air conditioning expert appointed by a federal judge has testified a portable air conditioner consisting of an ice chest, fan and duct has potential for helping drop heat indexes on Louisiana's death row that threaten three ailing condemned killers

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Siblings Say ISIS Accusation And Interrogation Ruined Their Vacation

Three siblings were removed from a flight and interrogated after a passenger accused them of being in ISIS.

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Burt Bacharach cancels 2 concerts to recover from broken arm

Burt Bacharach is canceling two September concerts to recover from a broken arm

Colts agree to terms with cornerback Antonio Cromartie

The cornerback depleted Colts have found some help in former Jet Antonio Cromartie.

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You Can Now Own The National Lampoon’s Vacation Wagon

Want to ride in style? the Griswold’s 1979 Ford LTD wagon from National Lampoon’s Vacation is now for sale. Maria Mercedes Galupppo (@mariamgaluppo) has more.

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Disabled Man Seeks To Have Voting Rights Restored

Man was disqualified from voting after suffering severe brain trauma.

Former President Carter Gets Attention For Stating The Obvious

He made waves with one comment about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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'Law & Order' actor Steven Hill dies

Actor Steven Hill passed away in Monsey, New York at the age of 94. He was best known for his roles in the TV series "Law & Order" and "Mission: Impossible"

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