Yellowstone Sets A New Record

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Hillary Clinton Leading Polls In Key Swing States

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton remaining on top in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a stark difference from her struggles in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Franklin Graham: Christians were martyred, Obama was silent

Starnes Exclusive: Franklin Graham condemns Obama's reaction to the Oregon school shooting, defends Dr. Ben Carson's controversial comments about the tragedy and discusses his father Billy Graham's new book.

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Kris Jenner Says Scott Disick Would Be Better Off in Jail

The Kardashians are rallying to Kourtney's side as she deals with Scott Disick’s increasing alcohol problem. Kris thinks the best solution would be for the troubled father to go to jail.

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Illinois officer's death investigation cost tops $300,000

Analysis finds cost of investigation into Illinois officer's death has topped $300,000

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DraftKings, FanDuel Could Soon See More Extensive Regulation

Both fantasy sports websites are caught up in an insider trading scandal, and now, New York's attorney general is getting involved.

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Nobel Prize in literature: What to look out for

Nobel Prize in literature: Who's hot and what to look out for

How Will Astros Fare Against Royals?'s Ted Keith and Jay Jaffe take a look at what's next for the Houston Astros versus the Kansas City Royals in their 2015 AL Divisional Series.

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Airplane manufacturer proposes seating passengers on top of each other

Airplane manufacturer Airbus just filed a patent for a new seating design where passengers are literally stacked on top of one another. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

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FBI Stopped Four Plots To Sell Nuclear Material To ISIS

Are suspected Russia-linked gangs involved?

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'Scream Queens' Recap: Chaneloween, Feminism and Being Human

Although Chanel is definitely not what you'd call a nice person on "Scream Queens," in the most recent episode, she showed a better side of herself.

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Over 200 new species discovered in Himalayas

The World Wildlife Fund released a report highlighting stunning new plant and animal species discoveries in the eastern Himalayas.

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