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Macedonia overturns terror convictions of ethnic Albanians

A Macedonian court has overturned the more than decade-old terrorism convictions of 10 ethnic Albanian men, many of whom served long prison terms over a mine attack on a NATO vehicle

The Latest: Turkey vows to widen its Syria…

Turkey's president has vowed to expand military operations across northern Syria and even into neighboring Iraq after his forces drove Kurdish fighters from the northern Syrian town of Afrin

Saudi prince on women's rights: Long way to go

Saudi Prince Khalid bin Salman tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer what Saudi Arabia is doing to advance women's rights, noting there is still a "long way to go."

90% of Us Think We've 'Improved' Our Partners, a…

They say you shouldn’t take on people like projects, but 90% of us actually believe we’ve made improvements to our partners. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the scoop.

Russian Voters Hand Putin A Broad New Mandate

Russia's election results show Putin's policies have a lot of support from Russian voters.

Palestinian leader calls US ambassador a 'son of a dog'

The Palestinian president has called the U.S. ambassador to Israel a "son of a dog," in an angry rant against the Trump administration

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The Latest: German, Polish leaders back UK after…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there's serious information pointing to Russia's responsibility in the poisoning in Britain of a Russian ex-spy and his daughter, and that the duty now lies with Moscow to prove that it wasn't involved

How Mo-Jo is taking over digital journalism

Mobile journalism is on the rise in Tunisia, and at the helm is Adnen Chaouachi

These Television Series 'Happy' Endings Were…

These are the TV shows that had supposedly happy endings (but were actually really depressing).

Brexit: Negotiators Agree To A 21-Month…

The transition period will begin after the U.K. officially leaves the European Union on March 29, 2019.

Longtime leader in Montenegro to run for…

Montenegro's ruling party has nominated its leader, who oversaw the tiny Balkan country's entry into NATO in defiance of Russia, to be its candidate in next month's presidential election

Bolivia takes sea access dispute with Chile to…

Bolivia is calling on the International Court of Justice to order Chile to enter talks over granting its landlocked neighbor access to the Pacific Ocean

Senegalese photographer's advice: don't pose too…

Omar Victor Diop believes "neutral silence speaks volumes"

Nearly All Shoppers Want Store Employees to Back…

Shopping for clothes can be really stressful, which might be why shoppers want store employees to make like The Beatles and let them be. Buzz60's Josh King has more.

Parliamentary Panel Says The UK Should Consider…

Talks are set to end in October, but there's still a lot negotiators need to work out.

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Trump bans US use of Venezuelan cryptocurrency

The Trump administration is banning all use by Americans of Venezuelan cryptocurrency, saying that its introduction is intended to skirt U.S. sanctions.

Woman charged after being found with 6 near Canada border

The U.S. Border Patrol says a North Carolina woman is facing a charge she was transporting people into the United States who didn't have permission to be in the country

Award-winning photographer captures life beneath…

Deep-sea diver, Gerald Rampart, from Mauritius is at home under sea

Blue Ivy, Like Any Kid, Bids $19,000 on Art

Blue Ivy went to her Grandma's charity event and like any normal kid, bid $19,000 on a piece of art. Keri Lumm reports.

Russia's Doing Something A Little Different To…

The New York Times compared the atmosphere at polling places to a carnival.

Merkel in Poland for talks on EU future, security

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Poland for top-level talks on the future and security of Europe as well as on bilateral issues between the neighboring states

French diplomat thanks Polish mountaineer who saved climber

France's ambassador to Poland greeted a group of Polish mountain climbers returning from a three-month expedition Monday, including one who helped rescue a French climber who was stranded with her Polish partner in the Himalayas

Harnessing the power of technology in Africa

William Mzimba, the CEO of Accenture South Africa, discusses how they're harnessing the power of technology to create an impact on the continent.

This Photo Of Outlaw Jesse James Could Make One…

Justin Whiting purchased this photo of Jesse James for £7, but it is worth a lot more.

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US And North Korean Representatives Set To Meet…

They're expected to discuss denuclearization and a potential meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

The Latest: White House 'not surprised' by Putin…

The White House says it is "not surprised by the outcome" of the Russian presidential election that gave Vladimir Putin another six-year term

Spanish aid group fears migrant trafficking…

The head of a Spanish aid group says he fears human trafficking charges may be brought against his staff after they refused to hand over a group of migrants to the Libyan coast guard in a tense high-seas standoff and took them to Italy