Four Vehicles Hit by Gunfire on Arizona Highway

Four vehicles have been hit by gunfire along a Phoenix highway. Arizona authorities are investigating.

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Federal agents raid Goodwill in Memphis

The federal program, Ability One, that helps disabled people in job placement is being investigated as a possible nationwide corruption scheme . CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

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Armed Police Remove Migrants From Train in Hungary

A train full of migrants en route to Austria was met by armed police who forced them off in the town of Bicske, Hungary on Thursday. Mark Kelly reports. Image: Getty

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Oregon judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages

Oregon judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages, asks couples to go to other judges

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Japan town near damaged nuclear plant lifts evacuation order

Japan town near stricken nuclear plant lifts evacuation order; only dozens return so far

Lawmakers back 'Yes means Yes' training for high schools

California lawmakers seek nation's first 'Yes means Yes' high school sexual assault training

Off-duty officer and 2 civilians risk lives to save man from burning truck * NO FEE

An off-duty police officer and two civilians are local heroes after they save a man trapped inside a burning truck that was stuck on a railroad track . Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

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Lawsuit: Montana dam transfer to tribes is security risk

Lawsuit says dam transfer is national security risk because of tribes' ties to US ally Turkey

Four Vehicles Hit By Gunfire On Arizona Highway

Four vehicles have been hit by gunfire along a Phoenix highway. Arizona authorities are investigating.

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3 California deputies arrested; inmate died of blunt trauma

3 California deputies arrested in jail inmate's death; man died of blunt trauma, official says

"Star Wars" toys get marathon roll-out in Disney merchandising push

"Star Wars" producers announce a marathon, worldwide roll-out of toys for "The Force Awakens". Jane Ross reports.

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Pastor believes Tahoe church vandalism based on Satanism

Pastor believes vandalism at Tahoe churches are satanic attacks by individual 'angry' at Jesus

To Stay in Power, Bolivia's President Pushes Referendum

Evo Morales wants to change the constitution to be able to run for office indefinitely. A referendum will decide if he is able to change the law.

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Trump not the first to be stumped on foreign policy

Donald Trump isn't the first presidential hopeful to stumble on foreign policy on the campaign train. CNN's Tom Foreman reports.

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Toyota to invest $50M in car-tech research at Stanford, MIT

Toyota pouring $50 million into Stanford, MIT research centers to help automate driving

New Orleans Mayor 'Prepared For House Arrest' In Legal Fight

The mayor of New Orleans is facing house arrest unless the city can come to an agreement with a firefighters union.

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Clinton: I wish I had made a different choice

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton talks about the email server controversy and the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden joining the race. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.

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Migrant Crisis: The Schengen Agreement Explained

The Schengen Agreement, an arrangement that allows the free movement of European citizens between 26 countries across the continent, is under threat. The Wall Street Journal's George Downs explains why.

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California man sentenced for eating roommate's rabbit

North Hollywood man gets community service for eating ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit

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Trial of Venezuelan opposition leader Lopez nears end

Trial of Venezuela opposition leader nears close as Leopoldo Lopez prepares final statement

Shooting at Sacramento college kills 1, wounds 2; man sought

Police seek gunman in shooting at Sacramento college that killed 1, wounded 2

Boeing's invisible laser shoots down drones

Boeing's got an incredible looking brand new laser that can invisibly and silently shoot down drones by lighting them on fire. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Puerto Rican voters prized by Democrats, Republicans

Puerto Rico, now drawing Clinton and Rubio, is seen as a path to Florida victory

With Clerk In Jail, Ky. County Issues Gay Marriage Licenses

James Yates and William Smith, Jr. are the first to be issued a same-sex marriage license after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue them.

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