The MLB's Stadium Safety Plan Might Not Mean Taller Railings

After a Braves fan fell to his death Saturday at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia, many people are calling for the MLB to improve stadium safety.

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Powerful Video on the Horrors of War

Caroline Anning with Save the Children talks to CNNi about the message behind their powerful video

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Five Things You Need to Know About Xi Jinping

China's top leader Xi Jinping has consolidated power faster than most observers expected since he took control three years ago. However, the country's slowing economy and tumbling stock market are proving to be his biggest challenges to date. Photo: AP

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Alaska-Bound, Obama Renames America's Tallest Peak

Alaska-bound, Obama renames Mount McKinley as Denali; messy politics of climate, energy await.

Tiny, Wireless Pacemaker Could Be Surgery-Free Option

No surgery required: Study says tiny wireless pacemaker OK; doctors reluctant to use it widely.

Mourners to pay tribute to slain television cameraman

Mourners to pay tribute to 27-year-old slain WDBJ television cameraman Adam Ward

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South Sudan rebel leader: Cease-fire, peace pact in danger

South Sudan rebel leader says cease-fire and peace agreement in danger from persistent clashes

Police: Woman said boys weren't loved, so she drowned them

Police: Arizona woman said she drowned her 2-year-old sons because nobody loved them or her

US astronauts drink recycled urine on ISS, Russians don't

The International Space Station has two different water filtration systems because Russia and the US couldn't agree on how it should work. Shocking, I know. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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So far, legal experts see no criminal trouble for Clinton

Unlike Petraeus, Berger, Deutch, Clinton's email woes unlikely to lead to criminal charges

Man Wins $1M Lottery With $20 Bill He Found On The Street

A California bartender found $20 on the street, used it to buy a lottery ticket and won $1 million.

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The Latest on the Houston deputy: Officer shot 15 times

The Latest on the Houston deputy: Authorities say officer shot 15 times; no bond for suspect

"Star Wars" toys get marathon roll-out in Disney merchandising push

"Star Wars" producers announce a marathon, worldwide roll-out of toys for "The Force Awakens". Jane Ross reports.

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Missouri man faces execution for raping, killing 15-year-old

Missouri man faces execution for raping, killing 15-year-old girl in 1989

State Dept. To Release Biggest Batch of Clinton Emails Yet

Monday, the State Department will release the largest batch of emails from Hillary Clinton's private server to date — more than 6,000 pages' worth.

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Soldier dead, scores injured in Ukraine protests

Journalist Victoria Butenko describes the violent clashes that happened during protests in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Google tries to woo iPhone owners with Android watch app

Google releases app that connects Android smartwatches with iPhones in latest twist to rivalry

Thai Police Recover Bomb-Making Materials in Suspect Search

Officials now believe the bombing near the Erawan Shrine was planned to be just the start of several attacks.

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'Deflategate' negotiations don't yield settlement

The NFL and Tom Brady failed to reach a a settlement in the on Tom Brady's suspension in the wake of the "Deflategate" scandal.

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Bangkok Bombing Suspect Arrested

Thai police arrested a foreign man whom they described as a suspect in the deadly bombing in Bangkok on Aug. 17. They also found bomb-making materials during a raid at two Bangkok apartments they said were linked to the blast. The WSJ’s James Hookway reports. Photo: AP

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Russian speaker to address conference by video after US ban

Russian Parliament speaker to address conference by video because of US ban

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Silence at Vatican funeral for ex-envoy in sexual abuse case

Silence replaces homily at Vatican funeral for ex-papal envoy sent to trial for sex abuse

Murder charge filed against Oklahoma politician's son

First-degree murder charge filed against son in deadly stabbing of Oklahoma labor commissioner

Group selfies causing lice increase

A doctor from Wisconsin is claiming that teens' love of taking group selfies is behind an increase in lice. That is disputed and up for debate say others. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) will walk you through it.

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