Jason Chaffetz Runs for Speaker of the House Amid GOP Divide

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced his interest in the position of speaker of the House.

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Debating Jeb Bush's 'stuff happens' comment

After a school shooting in Oregon, Jeb Bush lamented the tragedy but in his remarks said "stuff happens," referring to the crises governors often face.

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U.S. Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital

Doctors Without Borders said at least 19 people were killed when its trauma center in Kunduz, Afghanistan "was hit several times during a sustained bombing” early Saturday morning. Photo: AP

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Oregon shooter showed little sympathy in calculated killings

In classroom terror, survivors played dead, prayed for survival in merciless shooting rampage

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The Latest: Search resumes for ship missing off the Bahamas

The Latest: Search resumes for cargo ship missing off the Bahamas with 33 people aboard

Trial to begin for teen charged in teacher's rape, killing

Trial set to begin for teen charged in rape and killing of Massachusetts teacher, 24

Couple gets bill for missing wedding from newlyweds

A couple had their babysitter back out last minute leading to them being unable to a wedding. A week later the newlyweds sent this couple a bill for the food they didn't eat. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Christie: I'd rather jump off bridge than be in Congress

Taking a plunge? Christie would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge than serve in Congress

Cars Take Up A Lot Of City Space

Our cities are running out of space, and cars are taking up a lot of it.

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Dangerous East Coast storm brings misery to South Carolina

East Coast rainstorm brings misery to S. Carolina; dozens rescued and thousands without power

Mixed start to 4th quarter for stocks

Stocks closed mostly higher a day ahead of the closely watched monthly jobs report. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Pastors at forefront of helping Oregon town cope with grief

Church leaders in rural Oregon town at forefront of healing process after campus killings

At Least 16 Killed, 3 Missing In French Riviera Floods

Two months' worth of rain hit the French Riviera in just two hours and caused torrential floods that killed at least 16, according to reports.

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State of the Cartoonion: Mission to Mars

With this week's news that NASA discovered evidence of water on Mars, Jake Tapper looks back at politicians' efforts tog get to the Red Planet.

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Rand Paul pushes back

Against pundits writing him off

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Why credit bureau Experian has data on T-Mobile customers

A look at Experian, the credit monitoring company at the center of the T-Mobile data breach

Gay Priest Loses Duties At The Vatican After Coming Out

A senior priest announced he was gay and quickly lost duties at the Vatican. He thought it was important and he doesn't seem shocked by the response.

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Elizabeth Warren and Trump agree on this ...

CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) about the GOP presidential candidates and hedge fund taxes.

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Jeb Bush Defends 'Stuff Happens' Comments

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Friday defended his use of the phrase "stuff happens," in reference to renewed calls for gun regulation in the wake of a deadly mass shooting at a college in Oregon on Oct. 1. Photo: AP

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New York City explosion kills 1, hurts 3; gas leak suspected

Gas leak suspected in New York City explosion that killed 1, hurt 3; stove had been removed

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Mainstream Portuguese moderates expected to prevail in vote

Mainstream moderate Portuguese parties expected to prevail in election despite more austerity

Buffalo's 'industrial cathedrals' slowly finding new life

Buffalo's 'industrial cathedrals,' once key to city's wealth, new hot spots for culture, play

Rate other humans with new Yelp-like app 'Peeple'

A new app, Peeple, intends to be Yelp for human beings. So now every little thing you do will have you judged. Great! Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Seeking a candidate to love, voters find Clinton one to like

Early state voters say there's a lot to like about Hillary Clinton, but no so much to love

Amber Rose Brings Her Brand Of Feminism To SlutWalk

Model and TV personality Amber Rose led a SlutWalk Saturday, just one of the many ways she's showcasing her type of feminism.

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