Clinton And Sanders Are Pushing Hard For The Black Vote

Both Sanders and Clinton are hoping to tap into the black voting bloc President Obama brought out in historic numbers in 2008 and 2012.

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Akai Gurley shooting: Jury finds NYPD cop guilty

New York City police officer Peter Liang hangs his head as the jury finds him guilty of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting of an unarmed man.

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Town building public beer fountain

A town in Slovenia is deciding to invest $400,000 to create a public beer fountain. The hope is that tourists will come and check it out and drink their local beers. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

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Why Are Elephants Wandering Into Indian Towns?

Asian elephants are normally considered docile, but when they wander into towns looking for food, they can become confused and extremely aggressive.

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Arkansas judge is charged in death of son left in hot car

An Arkansas judge has been charged with negligent homicide in the death of his son whom he left in the back seat of a hot car for five hours last July

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The Latest: Kasich says he won't take 'crap' from rivals

John Kasich says he's a "scrappy guy" who won't "take crap from anybody" _ but he's still pledging to run a positive campaign

Deliberations resume in officer's stairwell shooting trial

Jurors are deliberating for another day at the trial of a rookie New York City police officer who fatally shot an innocent man in a dark public housing stairwell

AP FACT CHECK: Clinton, Sanders on health care, more

AP FACT CHECK: Who's right on health care in Clinton-Sanders debate?

Months Later, Southern California Gas Leak Is Temporarily Plugged

Months after it started, the gas leak in Porter Ranch, California, has been stopped, but only temporarily.

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US markets dive amid global selloff

US markets follow global stocks lower as economic worries intensify and oil prices slide further

Scientists await word on gravitational waves

A century after Einstein proposed it, scientists may be close to confirming the existence of gravitational waves. Katie Sargent reports

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Man on trial charged with abducting teen he later married

Neighbors saw Isidro Garcia as a doting father who liked to host parties at his home with the wife he adored

John Kasich: 'I believe we can win Mississippi'

GOP presidential candidate John Kasich talks about his chances of winning other primaries and his stance on abortion with CNN's Erin Burnett.

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NYPD Officer Found Guilty In Shooting Death Of Unarmed Man

Liang says he was patrolling a housing project with his gun drawn when he was surprised by a noise and accidentally fired.

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NYPD has used cell tracking technology 1,000 times since '08

According to data released by the New York Civil Liberties Union, the New York Police Department has used secretive cellphone tracking technology more than 1,000 times since 2008

Looking To The Ocean Floor For New Antibiotics

We asked oceanographer and drug discovery researcher William Fenical why the ocean may be the best chance for new lifesaving drugs.

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'Arab Idol' unites Middle East

"Arab Idol" is more than just a contest. In a divided region, it's a ratings juggernaut that's also a feel good story.

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Scientist announce gravitational waves, hailed greatest discovery of the decade

Anytime a scientific discovery is called the greatest of the decade, it's a big deal. Scientists from the group known as LIGO are saying they've found proof of Gravitational Waves, something Einstein predicted 100 years ago but never thought would be detected. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Reports Claim Catholic Bishops Aren't Required To Report Sexual Abuse

A Vatican training document allegedly says victims and their guardians are responsible for reporting child sex abuse cases that occur in the church.

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Latest: Lawyers disagree with charge against judge for death

Lawyers for an Arkansas judge facing a negligent homicide charge after his son's death in a hot car say they disagree with the prosecutor's decision to pursue criminal charges

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Irish leaders hold 1st TV debate ahead of Feb. 26 election

The leaders of Ireland's four major parties have sparred in the first live debate ahead of the country's Feb. 26 election campaign

The Latest: Cop guilty of manslaughter in stairwell shooting

A New York City police officer who shot an unarmed man in a pitch-dark public housing stairway has been convicted of manslaughter