Gay Accuser Questions Cosby's Ability To 'Read' Sexual Cues

Gay accuser questions Cosby's ability to 'read' sexual cues, says she had been dating a woman.

Authorities confirm body is that of missing California girl

Teenage boy accused of luring, killing her.

Attorney: Islamic State sympathizer is not a terrorist

Attorney for Islamic State sympathizer says suspect may be troubled but he's not a terrorist

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Mistrust in the West Bank after young man's death

CNN's Erin McLaughlin reports on two Palestinians shot running away from Israeli forces and the resulting controversy.

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Kurdish rebels attack Turkish government lodgings

Kurdish rebels attack Turkish government lodgings with rockets; no injuries

By nearly any measure, sunny South Florida is tops in fraud

By nearly any measure, sunny South Florida is tops in fraud from ID theft to mortgage scams

U.S. Dentist Accused of Killing Cecil the Lion

Authorities identified Minnesota dentist Walt Palmer as the killer of Cecil, one of Zimbabwe’s most famous and oldest lions, who was skinned and beheaded in early July. Photo: Zimbabwe National Parks/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

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Topshop drops super-skinny mannequins after shopper's complaint goes viral

The retailer has promised to drop its unrealistically thin mannequins after a Facebook post from a frustrated shopper. Colleen Hagerty (@colleenhagerty) has the story.

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Parole for Pollard revisits divisions over extent of harm

Decision to parole spy Jonathan Pollard revisits 1980s case that divided US and Israel

When Raising The Minimum Wage, All That Glitters Isn't Gold

As workers across the U.S. fight for higher wages, Seattle has experienced a few drawbacks after upping workers' paychecks.

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Coast Guard plane's crew spends long days searching for boys

For Coast Guard plane's crew, long days scouring the seas off Florida for missing teen boaters

Scientists control mouse brain by remote control

A remote-controlled brain implant that can determine the path a mouse walks is being developed by scientists who hope it could one day be used to treat a range of neurological disorders in humans by wirelessly targeting therapies to specific neural networks. Matthew Stock reports.

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Immigrants, poor fish for their dinner, unaware of mercury

Many immigrants, low-income families fish for their meals, unaware of mercury warnings

Cecil the lion's killer insists hunt was legal

An American dentist who is apologizing for killing a lion in Zimbabwe is causing global outrage CNN's David McKenzie reports.

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Nintendo reports profit but no word on new president

Nintendo reports quarterly profit but no word on new president after Iwata's death

Future unsure for troubled New Mexico green chile production

Troubled New Mexico green chile faces uncertain future amid declining acreage, labor shortage

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2,000 migrants try to enter Eurotunnel

About 2,000 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel through the French terminal in an attempt to reach the United Kingdom, according to reports.

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Pakistan police kill feared Sunni militant leader, 13 others

In mysterious pre-dawn shootout, Pakistan police kill feared Sunni militant leader, 13 others

Trade ministers from 12 Pacific nations gather on Maui

Trade ministers from 12 nations around the Pacific gather on Maui to negotiate deal

New Sandra Bland Footage Released by Waller County

Officials in Waller County, Texas, released new footage showing Sandra Bland being processed at a jail after her arrest on July 10, 2015. Ms. Bland was found dead in her cell three days later.

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Would you drink lobster beer?

Would you want to drink a beer brewed with lobsters? If you find yourself at the Oxbow Brewery in Maine you'll get your shot. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Obama and the Kurds: Turkish strikes vex Islamic State plan

Obama and the Kurds: Turkish airstrikes complicate US plan to rely on local forces

Puerto Rico's Muni-Bond Meltdown Likely Won't Burn Everyone

It's been a summer of bad news for financiers, but while Puerto Rico's municipal bonds are tanking, the rest of the muni-market looks promising.

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