Kentucky Clerk in Custody Over Gay Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, was ruled in contempt of court. She was taken into custody.

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Deep sea creature stuns explorers

While mapping uncharted waters near Hawaii, NOAA explorers captured incredible footage of deep sea creatures.

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Armed Police Remove Migrants From Train in Hungary

A train full of migrants en route to Austria was met by armed police who forced them off in the town of Bicske, Hungary on Thursday. Mark Kelly reports. Image: Getty

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Part of Mississippi River closes; 2 boats collide, spill oil

Coast Guard: Part of Mississippi River closed to traffic after tow boat collision, oil spill

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Image of dead child on beach haunts and frustrates the world

Photo of dead child on the beach evokes past tragedies, haunts and frustrates the world

Media attorneys: Release Charleston church shooting records

Media attorneys say public has right to access Charleston church shooting 911 calls, records

Ethiopia now has a space program

Ethiopia has the first space program in East Africa thanks to private donations. The world's number of space programs is always increasing but not all of them are what they seem. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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New federal requirements on cellphone surveillance

Justice Dept. issues policy for phone surveillance technology; will generally require warrants

So, 3 Drunk Women Walk Onto A School Bus Full Of Kids ...

One of the three drunk women sat down and talked to a middle-schooler on the bus. Somehow, the bus driver didn't notice until the end of the ride.

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Trio charged with running $54M green-energy Ponzi scheme

3 charged in $54 million green-energy Ponzi scheme based on trash-to-fuel promise

"Star Wars" toys get marathon roll-out in Disney merchandising push

"Star Wars" producers announce a marathon, worldwide roll-out of toys for "The Force Awakens". Jane Ross reports.

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Family of unarmed man shot by police in Washington sues

Lawsuit filed on behalf of family of man shot by Pasco, Washington, after for throwing rocks

Tom Brady Suspension Lifted, Roger Goodell Takes Another Hit

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman ruled in favor of Tom Brady, nullifying the NFL-levied four-game suspension against the Patriots quarterback.

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Staffer explains why Hillary Clinton deleted emails

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign press secretary explains why she deleted work emails from her privately-owned server.

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This sheep had an 89-pound wool coat

A sheep found near Australia's capital has set an unofficial world record; nearly 90 pounds of wool was sheared from him. He is thought to have wandered away from his flock five or six years ago.

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Cost Of Living Has Increased But Many Workers' Pay Hasn't

Wages for many low-income workers are steady despite rising living costs, meaning they can't afford some necessities, research shows.

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Biden touts experience while selling Iran nuclear deal

Joe Biden made repeated references to his experience in elected office while speaking to a roundtable of Jewish community leaders outside Miami.

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Migrant Crisis: The Schengen Agreement Explained

The Schengen Agreement, an arrangement that allows the free movement of European citizens between 26 countries across the continent, is under threat. The Wall Street Journal's George Downs explains why.

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The Latest: Mississippi River oil spill not affecting port

The Latest: Officials say Mississippi River oil spill not affecting local water supplies

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Guatemala president ordered detained in corruption probe

Guatemala president ordered detained in corruption probe, will voluntarily appear

Preliminary hearing for man accused of killing officer

Sergeant: Family told officials that man accused of killing cop was armed, threatened to kill

Scientists develop slower melting ice cream

Ice cream should be for enjoying, not cleaning up! TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) has details on the discovery that can keep your favorite treat from melting!

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Pondering presidential campaign, Biden sticks close to Obama

Exploring potential 2016 campaign, Biden delivers defense of Obama's agenda in Florida swing

Can CVS Really Say Its Ban Cut Cigarette Sales By 1 Percent?

CVS claims its decision last year to stop selling cigarettes has benefitted public health. But is the company's study misleading?

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