Gay Accuser Questions Cosby's Ability To 'Read' Sexual Cues

Gay accuser questions Cosby's ability to 'read' sexual cues, says she had been dating a woman.

Authorities confirm body is that of missing California girl

Teenage boy accused of luring, killing her.

Killing of girl by teen neighbor stuns artist community

Killing of 8-year-old girl by teenage neighbor stuns Northern California's artist community

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Syrians paying smugglers to flee the fighting

CNN's Arwa Damon reports on what it takes for a Syrian with some funds to flee the fighting in their country.

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Pakistan police kill feared Sunni militant leader, 13 others

In mysterious pre-dawn shootout, Pakistan police kill feared Sunni militant leader, 13 others

New video shows more of Sandra Bland's time in Texas jail

Citing questions about timing of Sandra Bland's death, Texas jail releases more video

Destroying Your Phone Data with Guest Tom Brady

With the news that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady allegedly had his cellphone destroyed during the "deflategate" investigation, the WSJ's sports department looks into whether obliterating a phone is the best way to protect its data.

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Topshop drops super-skinny mannequins after shopper's complaint goes viral

The retailer has promised to drop its unrealistically thin mannequins after a Facebook post from a frustrated shopper. Colleen Hagerty (@colleenhagerty) has the story.

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Lawyers: Convicted spy Pollard to be paroled in November

Lawyers: Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard to be paroled in November; spied for Israel

When Raising The Minimum Wage, All That Glitters Isn't Gold

As workers across the U.S. fight for higher wages, Seattle has experienced a few drawbacks after upping workers' paychecks.

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Northern California wildfire contained after jumping line

Fire crews stop progress of California fire that jumped containment line, forced evacuations

Scientists control mouse brain by remote control

A remote-controlled brain implant that can determine the path a mouse walks is being developed by scientists who hope it could one day be used to treat a range of neurological disorders in humans by wirelessly targeting therapies to specific neural networks. Matthew Stock reports.

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Man accused in lion death says he thought hunt was legal

Minnesota man accused of killing protected African lion says he was unaware of lion's status

Mystery 'lion' on the loose in Milwaukee

A mysterious lion-like creature caught on tape captivates Milwaukee. CNN's Ryan Young reports.

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Oculus' debuts virtual reality film 'Henry'

Oculus' debuts virtual reality short film 'Henry' from former Pixar animator

New York prison worker got 'caught up' in escape plot

New York prison worker 'caught up' in escape plot with inmates that included sex acts, photos

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Beloved lion killed, hunter says he has regrets

There is growing outrage over the alleged killing of an African lion by an American dentist. CNN's David McKenzie has the details.

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Firefighter tells 911 caller to 'deal with it yourself'

New Mexico firefighter tells 911 caller helping gunshot victim to 'deal with it yourself'

Janet Yellen’s 18-Month Mark: Bernanke Comparisons

From interest rates to bond yields, how has Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s first 18 months at the top post compared to her predecessor, Ben Bernanke? For one thing, they each oversaw very different economic climates. Photo: Getty

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Would you drink lobster beer?

Would you want to drink a beer brewed with lobsters? If you find yourself at the Oxbow Brewery in Maine you'll get your shot. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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Fallin: Daughter's trailer at governor's mansion must go

Fallin says daughter's trailer home, parked outside Oklahoma governor's mansion, must be moved

Puerto Rico's Muni-Bond Meltdown Likely Won't Burn Everyone

It's been a summer of bad news for financiers, but while Puerto Rico's municipal bonds are tanking, the rest of the muni-market looks promising.

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