How the Most Crowded GOP Fields in History Stack Up

The 2016 Republican field hasn't been this crowded since 1948. What did the primary look like back then?

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Memphis police officer fatally shot during traffic stop

Memphis police officer shot, killed during traffic stop in Tennessee; suspect still on the run

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Will Joe Biden run for President?

CNN's Poppy Harlow talks to Ryan Lizza about a New York Times column saying Vice President Joe Biden is still considering a presidential run.

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Mexico news photographer found slain in capital

Mexican news photographer among 5 people found slain in capital

Verizon workers to stay on job without new contract

As Verizon contract expires, union members to work without new pact; more negotiations ahead

Confederate Flag Supporters Rally in Georgia

Confederate flag supporters gathered for a rally at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia on Saturday. Photo: AP

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Obama to require steeper emissions cuts from US power plants

Obama to unveil final power plant emissions limits Monday; requires steeper cuts than expected

Memphis police officer shot, killed during traffic stop in Tennessee; suspect still on the run

Memphis police officer shot, killed during traffic stop in Tennessee; suspect still on the run

NASA's fizzing water bubble experiment captured in hi-res

NASA astronaut Terry Virts explores water tension in microgravity by dissolving an effervescent tablet in a floating ball of water. Matthew Stock reports.

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Photos of endangered animals shine on Empire State Building

Crowds gather to see photos of endangered animals projected on Empire State Building

Biden Reportedly Closer Than Ever to Running in 2016

A New York Times article says Biden and his associates are looking into a presidential run, a move that would upend the field of Democrat candidates.

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Bin Laden relatives killed in plane crash

Members of Osama bin Laden's family were killed in a small plane crash in southern England in which three passengers and the pilot died.

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Researchers warn of bogus emails offering Windows 10

Security experts warn of bogus emails containing malware disguised as Microsoft's new program

As a Comedian, Jon Stewart Bypasses Confines of Journalism

Jon Stewart's been skewering politicians on "The Daily Show" for 16 years but he doesn't want you to call him a journalist.

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NAACP's 'Journey for Justice' protest march begins in Selma

NAACP's 860-mile protest march, 'America's Journey for Justice' begins in Selma

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Erupting volcano complicates MH370 search

An erupting volcano on Reunion Island has further complicated search efforts for possible debris from MH370.

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Peru government reports Shining Path captives rescued

Peruvian government reports rescue of Shining Path captives; says some held 2 decades

Firefighter killed, hundreds flee as California blazes burn

Firefighter killed, hundreds flee, homes destroyed as wildfires ravage California

Suspected MH370 Debris Arrives in France

Suspected MH370 debris that was found on Reunion Island arrived in France on Saturday, and was taken to a lab where it will be tested. Photo: Getty

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Prosecutor: Texas AG indicted for felony securities fraud

Special prosecutor: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton indicted for securities fraud charges

Scientists control mouse brain by remote control

A remote-controlled brain implant that can determine the path a mouse walks is being developed by scientists who hope it could one day be used to treat a range of neurological disorders in humans by wirelessly targeting therapies to specific neural networks. Matthew Stock reports.

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