Trump Had a Not-So-Great Radio Interview on Foreign Policy

Donald Trump took a hit in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt when asked a foreign policy question he didn't quite understand.

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Police confirm Ill. officer's gun found near his body

Newly-discovered home surveillance videos are aiding in the investigation of the death of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz and search for three suspects. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.

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Armed Police Remove Migrants From Train in Hungary

A train full of migrants en route to Austria was met by armed police who forced them off in the town of Bicske, Hungary on Thursday. Mark Kelly reports. Image: Getty

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California Whole Foods guard investigated in beating

Police investigating report that Whole Foods guard in California beat, choked shopper

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The Latest: British leader pledges more help for migrants

The Latest: British leader Cameron says UK plans to accept more Syrians

2nd attack on university-rented property brings concern

Concern for homeless surfaces after 2nd attack on University of Arkansas-rented property

Off-duty officer and 2 civilians risk lives to save man from burning truck * NO FEE

An off-duty police officer and two civilians are local heroes after they save a man trapped inside a burning truck that was stuck on a railroad track . Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

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Puerto Rican voters prized by Democrats, Republicans

Puerto Rico, now drawing Clinton and Rubio, is seen as a path to Florida victory

With Clerk In Jail, Ky. County Issues Gay Marriage Licenses

James Yates and William Smith, Jr. are the first to be issued a same-sex marriage license after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue them.

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Appeals court rejects suit by teacher fired over blog

Appeals court rejects suit by Philadelphia-area teacher fired over blog about students

"Star Wars" toys get marathon roll-out in Disney merchandising push

"Star Wars" producers announce a marathon, worldwide roll-out of toys for "The Force Awakens". Jane Ross reports.

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Judge hearing bid to release Detroit drug dealer from prison

Judge holding hearing in bid to ease sentence of Detroit drug trafficker in prison since '80s

Govt. Agencies Get New Regulation on Stingray Phone Monitors

Rights groups welcome the transparency and privacy federal regulations will bring, but say more state-level rules are needed.

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The server, the emails and the campaign

Jon Mann looks at the legal and political angles of the row with Joe Johns and Paul Callan.

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Toyota to invest $50M in car-tech research at Stanford, MIT

Toyota pouring $50 million into Stanford, MIT research centers to help automate driving

With Clerk in Jail, Ky. County Issues Gay Marriage Licenses

James Yates and William Smith, Jr. are the first to be issued a same-sex marriage license after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to issue them.

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Huckabee defends clerk's actions on marriage licenses

CNN's Jake Tapper talks to presidential candidate Mike Huckabee about the Kentucky clerk who was taken into custody for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

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Migrant Crisis: The Schengen Agreement Explained

The Schengen Agreement, an arrangement that allows the free movement of European citizens between 26 countries across the continent, is under threat. The Wall Street Journal's George Downs explains why.

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Jury to decide ex-Vegas firefighter's penalty in wife murder

Parole or not? Jury to decide fate of ex-Las Vegas firefighter in wife murder-for-hire slaying

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Conceding defeat, Iran deal opponents at least want a vote

Unable to stop the Iran nuclear deal, opponents at least want a vote on disapproval measure

Jurors to decide fate of man who killed 3 at Jewish sites

Doctor: Man who killed 3 people at Jewish sites in Kansas likely to die within 5 to 6 years

Boeing's invisible laser shoots down drones

Boeing's got an incredible looking brand new laser that can invisibly and silently shoot down drones by lighting them on fire. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains.

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How Not To Land Your Dream Job: Send HR A Naked Selfie

One way to guarantee you won't get a job is to accidentally send a naked selfie to the HR manager. Oops.

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