Arctic-Bound Ship Leaves Portland After Oil Drilling Protest

Ship leaves Portland to join oil drilling operation in Arctic after environmental protest.

Police Capture Escaped Inmate Suspected In Killing Near Jail

Police say they've captured escaped inmate suspected of killing woman near Pennsylvania jail.

Clinton to Call for End to Cuba Embargo in Miami Speech

Hillary Clinton is expected to call for a reversal of isolationist policies in a Friday speech in Florida.

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Higher wages a surprising success for Seattle restaurant

Seattle restaurant succeeds with jump to $15 an hour, but broader effects of pay law uncertain

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Puerto Rican debt crisis deepens

CNN's Alison Kosik talks to the former governor of Puerto Rico on the consequences if it defaults.

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US Capitol Police: Vehicle hits barricade, driver in custody

US Capitol Police: Driver in custody after vehicle hits barricade at Capitol grounds entrance

Facebook Unveils Drone to Spread the Internet

Facebook unveiled a full-scale version of its connected solar-power drone on Thursday. The plane, named Aquila, is designed to fly for 90 days above weather systems, bringing Internet connectivity to remote regions where cell towers or fibre-optic cable may be difficult to deploy.

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Police: Woman drowns while trying to rescue 2 girls

Police: Woman drowns while trying to rescue 2 girls from Lake Erie in western New York

Online viewers won't miss Super Bowl ads shown on TV

For first time, online viewers won't miss Super Bowl TV ads, under new ad-sale policy from CBS

Hurricane Guillermo forms, is possibly headed toward Hawaii

Hurricane Guillermo forms in the Pacific, is possibly headed toward Hawaii

A 'Price Tag' Attack In The West Bank Has Killed A Toddler

A "price tag" attack in the West Bank has left a 14-month-old baby dead and four others injured after two homes were firebombed late at night.

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Donald Trump and Michael Jackson: A history

During an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Trump compared himself to Michael Jackson. Did you know they were such good friends?

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Tough week for social media stocks _ no one is spared

Tough week for social media stocks as even high-flying Facebook, LinkedIn dip

Google Glass Isn't Dead, It's Just Running with a New Crowd

Google Glass is back, it's updated and it's heading to work. Which apparently means regular consumers won't have access to the new device.

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Woman gets 15 years to life for husband's antifreeze death

Ohio woman gets 15 years to life in prison for killing husband by putting antifreeze in drink

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Trump: Crimea is Europe's problem

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tells CNN's Max Foster that the U.S. should only step in on Crimea if European countries ask for help.

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DOJ report critical of St. Louis County family court

Justice Department finds bias, constitutional violations in St. Louis County Family Court

Beijing Awarded 2022 Olympic Winter Games

The International Olympic Committee announced Friday that Beijing will host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Both Beijing and Almaty, Kazakhstan, the two cities in the running, have been criticized by activists for their human rights records. Photo: AP.

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Chimps denied legal personhood will be retired from research

2 chimps that inspired unsuccessful lawsuit for legal personhood will be retired from research

Police arrest man in theft of bag forgotten by ATM workers

Police arrest New Jersey man in theft of bag holding $150,000 in cash forgotten by ATM workers

How Pro Athletes Fared When Returning From Cancer

NFL safety Eric Berry returned to the field Tuesday after battling cancer. He's another big name athlete who has returned to sports after treatment.

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Who is Bernie Sanders?

Get to know the independent senator from Vermont who is running as a Democrat in the 2016 presidential race.

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