Health Law's Nonprofit Insurance Co-Ops Awash In Red Ink

Gov't audit: Co-ops, health law's nonprofit answer to corporate insurers, awash in red ink.

California: Water Use Fell By 27 Percent In June

California says water use fell by 27 percent in June, passing governor's conservation target.

Turkey's Intricate Web of Friends and Foes

Turkey, ISIS, Bashar al-Assad, the Kurds and the U.S. have one another in their metaphorical, and literal, crosshairs. We sort friend from foe.

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MH370 families react to Boeing debris find

CNN's Will Ripley discusses the MH370 victims' families reaction to the finding of a Boeing 777 plane on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

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Turkey onslaught on Kurds, after IS attack, fuels anger

Turkey military onslaught against Kurds, after IS assaults, raises anger in Kurdish heartland

Can Jane Birkin Influence How Hermès Bags Are Made?

Jane Birkin, who has the world's most coveted handbag named after her, has asked Hermès to remove her name from crocodile skin purses in the name of animal rights. WSJ style columnist Christina Binkley discusses what this means for Hermès. Photo: Getty

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Harlem museum head, Dem fundraisers join Obama library board

Obama library foundation adds Harlem art museum head, 2 Dem fundraisers to its board

NASA's fizzing water bubble experiment captured in hi-res

NASA astronaut Terry Virts explores water tension in microgravity by dissolving an effervescent tablet in a floating ball of water. Matthew Stock reports.

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Friday's Lunar Event Happens Once in a Blue Moon

Don't miss Friday's blue moon. You won't get a chance to see another until 2018.

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Mumbai bomber Yakub Memon executed

The man considered to be the mastermind behind coordinated bomb attacks in Mumbai in 1993 that left 257 people dead has been executed.

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Facebook ready to test giant drone for Internet service

Facebook says it's built a solar-powered drone to deliver Internet via laser to remote regions

Why the NFLPA Went to Minnesota to Fight Brady's Suspension

A Minnesota judge ruled Thursday that Tom Brady's case will now be held in New York City where the NFL first filed.

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Commissioner Downer: Debris is 'potentially important'

CNN's Christiane Amanpour speaks to the Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer about the Boeing 777 plane debris found on Reunion Island.

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Nigerian soldiers rescue 71 children, women from Boko Haram

Nigerian soldiers free 71 children, women from Boko Haram, hold them at military barracks

Film Clip: 'Phoenix'

Watch a film clip from "Phoenix," starring Nina Hoss, Ronald Zehrfeld and Nina Kunzendorf. Photo: Sundance Selects

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Scientists control mouse brain by remote control

A remote-controlled brain implant that can determine the path a mouse walks is being developed by scientists who hope it could one day be used to treat a range of neurological disorders in humans by wirelessly targeting therapies to specific neural networks. Matthew Stock reports.

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'A Rape on Campus' Still Causing Trouble for Rolling Stone

Three U.Va. graduates filed a lawsuit against Rolling Stone for claims made against them in the now-retracted article about an alleged rape.

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Rand Paul on Planned Parenthood controversy

Republican presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul discussed the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood.

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Gretchen's Take: Politics can change on a dime

Hillary Clinton's scandals are catching up with her

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Toyota robot can pick up after people, help the sick

Toyota's gliding 'human support robot' can pick up after elderly, help the sick