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Warren Tells Trump To Pay $1M After Ancestry…

Now that Elizabeth Warren has taken an ancestry test that shows 'strong evidence' of Native American ancestry, she wants President Trump to pay up on a challenge.

Stay Safe With This Comprehensive At-Home…

The world is a scary place, and the last thing you want is to put your loved ones in danger in their own home. That’s why so many people are turning to at-home security systems like the Zmodo Pivot 1080p Wireless All-in-One Security Camera System to protect themselves and their families. With this advanced security system, … Continue reading "Stay Safe With This Comprehensive At-Home Security System"

3 teens arrested in security breach at Wisconsin Guard unit

A vehicle smashed into a gate at a Wisconsin Air National Guard unit and a security officer fired a gun, prompting a lockdown and the arrest of three people

Odds Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Will Pick…

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are officially expecting, and all bets are on about what the baby’s name will be.

'Crazy Rich Asians' Secures Release Date In China

The movie depicts an exceedingly wealthy family, so movie experts weren't sure if conservative government regulators would give it the go ahead.

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Sen. Warren Fights Trump's 'Pocahontas' Jabs With…

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has released DNA test results to answer Trump's criticisms about her claims to Native American heritage.

Ariana Grande Having Possible Mental Breakdown

Devastating news this morning about Pete and Ariana’s break up BUT now we’re thinking.. Will Ariana face an emotional breakdown?" She keeps on saying she needs time and space to heal, but then she turns around and is working on something new every time. Let's get into this.. because i know we all want the best for this girl but she needs to know when to take a REAL break.

Contestants accuse Mrs. America pageant owner of racial bias

Four contestants in this year's Mrs. America pageant are calling for an apology from the pageant's owner over accusations he used racial slurs and stereotypes in a conversation

Johnny Miller retiring after 3 decades at NBC Sports

Miller's Time: Johnny Miller retiring after 3 decades as lead golf analyst for NBC Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fire Defensive Coordinator…

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired defensive coordinator Mike Smith, according to multiple reports.

Insurer Anthem will pay record $16M for massive data breach

Insurer Anthem agrees to pay $16 million in data breach that exposed sensitive information of 79 million people

California utilities shut off power amid wildfire…

Concerned about downed power lines sparking wildfires, two major California utilities took the rare step of cutting power to customers amid high winds

Trump may not know what's behind warming, but…

President Trump may question whether global warming is caused by humans, but scientists detail the many ways they know it comes from our own pollution

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Chile says 2 US citizens, 1 Chilean gone missing found dead

Chilean authorities say two young Americans and a Chilean who had gone missing over the weekend have been found dead in a river estuary, the apparent victims of accidental drowning

The Latest: Michael ruins large part of Florida…

Researchers at the University of Florida estimate that Florida's cotton crop has been nearly decimated by Hurricane Michael's rampage

Become a Certified Excel Master With This…

Sitting down in front of an Excel sheet can often feel like a bad trip (oh, the boxes…so many boxes!). Even so, Excel is one of the most widely used computer programs in businesses both big and small, making it a skill you have no choice but to master. But don’t panic! The eLearnExcel: The … Continue reading "Become a Certified Excel Master With This Training Course"

Lawsuit: Little Rock police lied to conduct drug raids

A man who is suing the Little Rock Police Department for blasting his apartment door down and raiding his apartment without probable cause has said he feared for his life

Ways Your Boss is Complimenting You That You…

We all love to hear praise from our boss. But sometimes your boss’ praises aren’t as obvious as you think. And sometimes their muted praises can leave you a irritated. Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.

The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Are Expecting…

Kensington Palace announced Meghan will give birth next spring.

Climate Change Could Cause A Global Beer Shortage

Researchers suggest climate change could lead to a drop in production of beer's key ingredient.

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Drake Opens Up About Fairytale Future With Rihanna

Drake is getting v vulnerable and honest. He recently opened up about his fairytale future, one with with Rihanna and a family and its kinda heartbreaking. Do you think these two will end up getting married in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

1 year after MeToo, survivors reflect on their…

One year after the #MeToo hashtag set Twitter ablaze, survivors who shared their stories in the past year reflect what the movement means to them.