AP Exclusive: Feds plan to move Epstein warden to…

The federal Bureau of Prisons plans to transfer the warden in charge of the jail where Jeffrey Epstein took his own life to another correctional facility, despite an ongoing investigation into the financier’s death

Trump Praises China's Handling Of Coronavirus…

President Trump praised China.

Mexico Is Cracking Down On U.S.-Bound Migrants…

Under U.S. pressure, Mexico has ramped up efforts to stop transiting migrants from reaching the U.S. How is the crackdown playing out on the ground?

Inspiration for Film Sues for $300M

The former stockbroker behind The Wolf of Wall Street has sued the production company that put up $100 million to make the movie. The fraud and breach of contract lawsuit seeks $300 million, the Guardian reports. The company, Red Granite, was caught up in an embezzlement scheme, and its co-founder...

Dems: Congress must oust Trump to stop abuses

In the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff argues that it was "one hell of a Russian intelligence coup" that the president chased kooky theories about Ukraine pushed by Rudy Giuliani that benefited Vladimir Putin at U.S. expense. (Jan. 24)

Weinstein: Rosie Perez Backs Up Sciorra Account

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Actress Rosie Perez took the stand in the rape trial of Harvey Weinstein on Friday to bolster the account of friend and fellow actress Annabella Sciorra, who said she was raped by the former Hollywood producer in the early 1990s. Perez, whose film credits include Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing,” told jurors that Sciorra shared details of the alleged assault, including that Weinstein had pinned her arms above her head as he raped her. Sciorra, who appeared in “The Sopranos,” testified on Thursday that Weinstein violently raped her more than 25 years ago.

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First Alaska retail pot shops get OK to allow…

Two marijuana shops in Alaska have been approved to allow customers to partake on-site

5 Tips for Heading Back to College

5 Tips for Heading Back to College Going back to school can be scary. These tips can help you to jump back in with confidence. 1. Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA form, to get a loan or grant for schooling. 2. Make sure you research the best school or program that will suit your needs. CAEL's Becky Klein-Collins, via NPR 3. Figure out which degree you want before taking the necessary steps towards your specific goal. 4. Settle any current affairs you may have so they do not clash with your upcoming education schedule. 5. Once you sign up, refresh your memory in the field by taking a free online course. Graduate! Network adviser Denise Whittaker, via NPR

Which Democrat Has The Best Chances Of Winning…

Which Democrat has the best chances of becoming the nominee? Business Inside and Morning Consult conducted a survey and came up with a 2020 Democratic Power Ranking. Elizabeth Warren is in third place at 14% in Morning Consult polling. That's a substantial decline from the 21% support she held at her peak in October. Bernie Sanders is in second place, supported by 23% of Democrats. Joe Biden maintains high levels of support with 29%.

Trump Joins Rally Against Abortion

President Trump told thousands of anti-abortion marchers Friday that he's their champion, and they agreed—breaking into chants of "four more years" after his speech on the National Mall. "Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House," he said, USA Today reports. Trump is the first...

What the weather was like during the Battle of…

Seventy-five years ago, WWII troops had difficulty fighting in the Battle of the Bulge because of the harsh winter they had to deal with.

Shanghai Disney Resort to Close Due to Coronavirus

Shanghai Disney Resort to Close Due to Coronavirus Disney's theme park will be closed in China over the Lunar New Year. Shanghai Disney Resort made the announcement on Friday "in response to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak." Guests have been refunded, and it is not yet known when the park will reopen. The virus originated in China's city of Wuhan, but it has spread throughout Asia and into the United States. The Wuhan virus has already infected more than 800 people and dozens have died. Other Chinese cities, including Beijing, have canceled their Lunar New Year activities.

GOP shows little desire for witnesses ahead of…

Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial

Schiff to Senators: Trump may investigate you next

Democratic House prosecutors launched their final arguments Friday at Donald Trump's impeachment trial accusing the president of laboring to cover up his actions with Ukraine that finally led to the charges now against him. (Jan. 24)

Impeachment Day 4: Schiff Invokes John McCain

Democratic House impeachment managers are in their final day of arguments against President Trump. Friday's focus: obstruction of justice. The impeachment managers are asserting that Trump withheld crucial documents and blocked the testimony of top White House officials, reports the Wall Street Journal . "The president tried to cheat," said impeachment...

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Antetokounmpo scores 30 points, Bucks beat…

Giannis Antetokounmpo had 30 points and 12 rebounds and the NBA-leading Milwaukee Bucks beat the Charlotte Hornets 116-103 in the first NBA regular-season game in France

Trump Reveals Space Force Logo

President Trump reveals the Space Force logo.

U.K. And EU Still Need To Figure Out Their…

The U.K.'s official exit from the EU kicks off a new round of tough negotiations on what the country's future relationship with Europe looks like.

Harris Considers Endorsing a Former Opponent

Kamala Harris is thinking about throwing her support to former opponent Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential race, party officials tell the New York Times . Biden has already said he'd consider picking her as a running mate, and an endorsement could put her in position for that. But there are...

Schiff: 'This is Trump first, not America first'

Democratic House prosecutors launched their final arguments at Donald Trump's impeachment trial arguing the president risked U.S. relations with a key ally and promoted Russian propaganda strictly for personal and political gain. (Jan. 24)

Harris Mum On Endorsement

Kamala Harris was once considered an elite candidate for President. Her campaign floundered and she dropped out of the race in December. As the primaries approach, her former rival Democratic candidates are actively seeking her endorsement. A recent report said the former White House hopeful was considering throwing her support behind Joe Biden. On Friday she said she's not yet thinking about whom she will endorse. "I have not made any decision about who I'm endorsing," Harris told Sirius XM's "Signal Boost with Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh." "I have not made a decision about when I'm going to do that ... I am not thinking about it right now," she continued."

Trump touts logo for new Space Force, with nod to…

The new U.S. Space Force is not Star Trek's Starfleet Command, but their logos bear a striking similarity

This Day in History: First Winter Olympics…

This Day in History: First Winter Olympics January 25, 1924 The first Winter Olympics took off in style at Chamonix in the French Alps. Scandinavians dominated the 14 events that involved a total of six sports. Norway won the unofficial team competition with 17 medals. The United States came in third. Of the nearly 300 athletes, only 13 were women, and they only competed in the figure-skating events. The Olympics offered a particular boost to skiing, a sport that would become extremely popular within the next decade. The success of “International Winter Sports Week" led to the second Winter Olympic games in 1928.

DeVos Comments On Abortion Cause Controversy

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is one of the most controversial members of the Trump administration. She has rolled back protections for students facing massive education debt. She's reduced protections for transgender students. Now, she has caused controversy with her statements on abortion. Devos drew comparisons between the arguments for a woman's right to have an abortion to slavery. She made the remarks during a Colorado Christian University event in Washington D.C. DeVos said that many Americans see both slavery and abortion as a "vast moral evil."

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ABC: Trump Orders Envoy Fired in Recording

President Trump has repeatedly said he doesn't know Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two associates of Rudy Giuliani who helped the ex-mayor investigate Joe Biden in Ukraine, and who were arrested in October . Parnas has since said he feels betrayed by Trump, which prompted him to turn over a trove...

Disruptive wintry mix snarls traffic as storm…

Precipitation will fall from Missouri to Michigan with many large cities seeing heavy snow accumulation.

More Than 3 in 5 Americans Are Lonely, Study Says

More Than 3 in 5 Americans Are Lonely, Study Says A new survey led by health insurer Cigna found a 7 percent rise in loneliness since 2018. The research noted social media use and poor work-life balance as significant contributors to the increase. Bert Uchino, a professor at the University of Utah who studies relationships and health, has said pervasive loneliness has “widespread effects.” Bert Uchino, via NPR Uchino also added that loneliness is linked to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The study concluded that Gen Z has the highest loneliness scores, with boomers having the lowest.