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‘Saturday Night Live’ Impeachment Cold Open Goes To Hell With Adam Driver, Jon Lovitz Cameos

Deadline — Anita Bennett

UPDATED with video: Saturday Night Live returned this weekend after its winter hiatus, just in time to take on President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

For SNL‘s version of the historic Capitol Hill proceedings, Cecily Strong played GOP Sen. Susan Collins alongside Beck Bennett’s spot-on portrayal of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

The sketch kicked off with Strong complaining about the case brought by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

“I was upset that Adam Schiff said Republicans are afraid of standing up to the president,” said Strong. She went on to insist, “If Trump tried to intimidate Susan Collins, I’d walk right up to him and say…” before her voice trailed off and she buried her head in her chest.

Bennett called the trial a “sham and a ho-ax.”

“Republicans are simply requesting a fair trial — no witnesses, no evidence,” Bennett said to laughter. “That way we can acquit President Trump and focus on the real criminals in this country, teenagers who try marijuana.”

Strong admitted the evidence against Trump was “pretty damning,” so Bennett called in Trump’s controversial attorney, Alan Dershowitz, played by SNL alum Jon Lovitz.

“Jealous?” Lovitz said. “Yes, hello everyone it is I, Alan Dershowitz. It’s wonderful to be here, because I’m not welcome anywhere else.”

Lovitz’s Dershowitz crowed about his equally controversial former clients, Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson.

“Could you not mention your previous clients in connection with the president? It’s not a great look,” Strong advised him.

Moments later, Lovitz started having chest pains and was transported to hell, where Satan aka Kate McKinnon welcomed him with open arms and a song. As Lovitz took in the surroundings, McKinnon told him he wasn’t condemned to hell just yet.

“You’re not going to hell, you’re not even dying. I’m going to send you back upstairs in a minute,” McKinnon explained. “I’m a huge fan.”

Suddenly, Lovitz spotted his old friend and late client Epstein, played by Marriage Story and Star Wars actor Adam Driver, this weekend’s host. Lovitz wanted to know what he was doing in hell.

“Just hanging,” Driver responded to groans, in an apparent reference to Epstein reportedly hanging himself.

“I gotta say, I love what you’ve been doing for the president. All we get down here is Fox News and it’s been a joy to see you work,” Driver said before dropping a bombshell. “I was murdered!”

There were several other familiar faces in hell, including Flo from the Progressive commercials, who was there after making a “deal with the devil,” and Mr. Peanut for “taking children out” with peanut allergies.

As mentioned earlier, Oscar nominee Driver is this week’s host, and Halsey is musical guest.

Check out the skit above.

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