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Take a Trip Back in Time With This Retro Gaming Console

StackCommerce — shannon

Wish you could hop in a time machine and go back to the days of playing Super Mario in your mom’s basement? Well, now you can, kind of. Thanks to this awesome RetroMini, you can revisit 900 of your favorite classic games at the drop of a hat. Pop this bad boy into your back pocket and escape to your favorite childhood universes from anywhere — even an important work meeting. Hey, we don’t judge.

Being an adult is hard, but special gadgets like the RetroMini make things a lot more bearable. Whether it’s Legend of Zelda or Dragon Ball Z that suits your fancy, this brilliant little piece of machinery delivers! Pre-loaded with a whopping 900 classic game titles, you can get lost in feelings of nostalgia anytime you like.

It also boasts left and right trigger buttons for the more advanced games. And don’t worry if you have to run off to an errand or a meeting in the middle of a game — it saves your game so you can continue right where you left off. The RetroMini is a total lifesaver on long road trips, rainy nights in — and literally just about anything!

Get bit by the nostalgia bug: get the RetroMini for $79.99 — that’s reduced from $99.

RetroMini with 900 Games – $79.99

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