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Study Links Breast Cancer to Some Hair Dyes and Straighteners

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Study Links Breast Cancer to Some Hair Dyes and Straighteners. Based on the medical records of 45,000 women, the study was published in the 'International Journal of Cancer.'. The study found that women who regularly used a permanent hair dye had a 9 percent higher chance of developing breast cancer. The study revealed that African American women who use similar products face a risk several times higher, closer to 65 percent. Chemical hair straighteners were also found to be linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. Researchers found that this increase of risk was close to 30 percent and was consistent across all races. I do believe the study gives us enough evidence to call for a prospective trial designed to specifically look at this one factor to see if the increased risk of cancer persists, Stephanie Bernik, MD, Chief of Breast Surgery at Mount Sinai West, via 'Newsweek'. Cancer researchers not connected to the study recommend further research into its findings